Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How Will I Survive?

My family and friends have been clamoring for Miguel to move out of my room... for more than 5 years now!!!

We attempted several times, but time and time again he'd go back to my room. I thought he wasn't going to move down with me to the basement, but he eventually did and due to a "floating" incident due to heavy floods, I had to put a real bed for him in my room at the basement.

Anyway, this time it's for real. He's moving on his 13th birthday. He has to. And he has to be weaned away from me. Which I think is the other way around - I have to be weaned away from him. Boohuhuhuhu.

How will we do this baby?

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reyna elena said...

ngeee! ikaw pala yong aarugain!